What is Talks?
The more we talk, the better
are the results.
Talks is an inspirational conference series
bursting with innovative ideas
and learnings from industry thought leaders
that will shift the boundaries
of your knowledge.

Talks speakers

Szilvia Lubics

Nagykanizsa, Hungary

Topic: Roads, destinations, stations
How does someone become an ultra-runner from a hobby runner? What makes a mother of three finish the Spartathlon? Szilvi Lubics will enlighten us about what drives her towards new challenges and what the role of ‘fighting’ in her life is. She will also talk about how it feels to run marathon distances in the Atacama Desert under demanding circumstances.

Tim Oldman

London, United Kingdom
Founder and Director – Leesman Index

Topic: The workplace experience revolution
The Leesman Index is the world’s first employee experience and workplace effectiveness indicator. The Leesman helps organizations and companies in more than 90 countries to create a work environments that enhances creativity and efficiency.

Andy Habermacher

Lucerne, Switzerland
Neuroleadership expert - SCOAP-Profile GmbH

Topic: Surprising truths of how the brain learns
Andy shares how to apply the knowledge of human neuroscience to workplaces. He focuses on the neuroscientific and psychological aspects of workplace performance, employee engagement, leadership and effectiveness.

István Bart

Budapest, Hungary
Founder and Director – Climate Strategy Institute 2050

Topic: Climate change – how many years do we have left?
István, a board member of Energiaklub, has been dealing with climate and energy policy since 2002. He gained experience in Hungary and with the European Commission during his professional work and has written several books and articles in the topic.

Dr. Anthony Atala

Winston-Salem, United States of America
Practicing surgeon and a pioneer of medicine

Topic: Growing New Organs
He has led some of the top medical breakthroughs of the recent years. His team engineered the first lab-grown organ to be implanted into a human and currently they are developing their methods at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Atala has been awarded for his scientific contributions multiple times.

Antony Slumbers

Guildford, United Kingdom
Real estate, technology and innovation expert

Topic: Exponential humans in a world of exponential technology
Antony has been a software development and technology strategist in commercial real estate since 1995. Now, he consults and works with real estate boards on Transformation, Technology and Innovation. A well known speaker in property, he is a globally recognised expert on PropTech, AI and #SpaceAsAService.

Timur Topalgoekceli

Istanbul, Turkey
Energy economist and entrepreneur

Topic: How deep-tech startups will shape the future of smart cities
Timur is the founder of Hello Tomorrow Turkey, an organization which gathers a community of the world's brightest talent to leverage science and deep-tech to create a better future. As a well-known speaker and guest lecturer, his presentation will offer insight into how deep-tech startups will shape the future of smart cities.

András Jókuti

Budapest, Hungary
Foodie, gastroblogger

Topic: The world of fine dining
András is learning about gastronomy by visiting the world’s best restaurants and authentic eating houses. In addition to this, he is writing a book, gives professional lectures and organizes culinary events and gastro tours. He got into the highly prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon where he participated in a 3 week intense cooking course

Julian Treasure

The Sound Agency, London
Sound and communication expert and advisor to a long list of influential brands.

Topic: Designing with your ears
Julian’s five TED talks have been watched over 50 million times, with his last being the most watched TED talk of all time. He has been featured in TIME Magazine, The Economist, BBC and The Times.

Dr. Guy Meadows

The Sleep School, London
Sleep expert

Topic: Sleep Essentials
Guy is passionate about educating people on the importance of sleep and its role in enhancing daytime mental & emotional health and resilience. He founded The Sleep School, is a pioneer in the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness for insomnia and is the author of The Sleep Book - How to sleep well every night.

Anna Rose

Space Syntax, London
An architect and urban planner with particular expertise in advising on mixed-use masterplans and public realm projects.

Topic: ReCity: Returning the City to its Citizens
Her expertise targets the optimisation of spatial connectivity for the benefit of pedestrians, cyclists (walkability, safety and conviviality), the local neighbourhood and retail sustainability (proximity to footfall, density of amenities, transaction potential).

Áron Méder

Oceansailing SE, Budapest
Solo ocean sailor and electrical engineer.

Topic: The challenges faced by a solo sailor on a journey around the world
Between 2006 and 2009, he became the 9th Hungarian to circumnavigate the globe. Áron Méder has set records in sailing, as he is the world's third solo sailor to have sailed around the globe. His boat, originally built for Swiss lakes with its 6 metre length, is the world's third shortest boat to have circumnavigated the globe. As a sailing instructor and guide, he seeks to show the beauty of the sport to as widespread an audience as possible.

Michaela Musilová

Scientist, the Chair of SOSA, Bristol (Slovak Organisation for Space Activities)

Topic: Mission to Mars
An astrobiologist studying extremophiles (life in extreme environments) on the Greenland Ice Sheet. As the only Slovak to date, in 2014 she participated in a simulated mission at the Mars Desert Research Station in the US.

Philip Tidd

Gensler, London

Topic: The future is now
Philip Tidd is the Head of Consulting for Gensler, the world leader in designing collaborative workspace.

Trevor Hardy

The Future Laboratory, London

Topic: Neo-Kinship
CEO of one of the most globally renowned companies operating in the field of future-consultancy.

Nadia Laurinci

Laurinci Speakers, Bratislava-London-New York

Topic: #CuriYOUs
Helping the leading innovators from the Silicon Valley as the Founder and CEO of Laurinci Speakers.

Lara Marrero

Gensler, London

Topic: Changing habits: Preparing for the future
A trained psychologist and Senior Associate of Gensler, which is the world leader in designing collaborative workspace.

Florian Frotscher

Make Architects, London

Topic: Looking into the kitchen: Design for people
An architect and a Partner in London’s Make Architects, responsible for the design of many award-winning projects in Europe, including Geneva’s HSBC Private Bank.

Tim Rowe

Cambridge Innovation Center, USA

Topic: Creating and developing a functional innovation ecosystem
Founder and CEO of Cambridge Innovation Center, a world expert in building and developing innovation centres.

Német G. Dániel

Ususty, Budapest

Topic: Exponential technologies and our circular future
A budapesti székhelyű, egyedülálló innovációs ügynökség, az Ususty vezetője. Különböző vállalatokkal és csoportokkal karöltve hoznak létre fenntartható termékeket, körforgásos rendszereket és kedvező munkahelyeket az emberek és természetes környezetünk javára.


Márk McMenemy

Radio and TV presenter, journalist, scriptwriter, producer. Mark has been presenting in the media for more than 15 years.

Innovation fair



Discuss your healthcare with a medical specialist by using the application when and where you need it!


Are you longing for an easy way to create a unique tatto? Make your own self-designed temporary tattoo in seconds!


Get to know the electric motor with 3D printed elements, dreamt up by a Hungarian designer!


Don’t have enough space for a mouse or you don’t like using a touchpad? This Hungarian invention will allow you to control your laptop’s cursor by your gestures!

Smart Sandbox

Do you have trouble understanding terrain maps? Now you can make them on your own! With this innovative solution, terrain comes to life in an unexpected, yet incredibly entertaining way.


The AR based application developed by Hungarian students is revolutionising education and the way students use their smartphones.


Create your own art or discover distant places in virtual space.


Capture your vital signs to prevent emergencies and predict serious health issues before they strike.


An innovative musical instrument. Be the Dj of the event!


Discover the communication of scents and the scented environment's effect on your physiological health.


Installation that uses a magnetic fluid, called ferrofluid, as a visual medium and simple gestures as a tool.


A base of a sustainable development which can provide electricity for the cities of the future under our feet.


Understanding the way your customers think and feel through the emotion recognition of their facial expressions.


Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first holographic computer that enables you to show digital content on objects around you or even by using them.


Molecular gastronomy is all about tricking your mind. Nothing is what it seems but you figure it out when you taste it. A playground for gastro fanatics.


Test how you can control the Virtual World with your thoughts - and find the life size eCar hidden in the event.


Alpha 1 Pro is a humanoid robot from Muzix Group & Ubtech Robotics Corp. A novelty in the field of teaching programming and informatics.


Parkl – The city is your garage” A digital, eco-conscious and innovative tech-product. A simple, quick and easy-to-plan solution for avoiding stress, saving petrol and maybe hours by parking daily.

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